I am a grateful husband and father of two. I have a lifetime of technology experience and 12 years of professional experience with IBM and Cerner in the UK and Australia.

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Technology has always been my passion. I am constantly exploring how established and emerging technologies are being applied around the world. I am happiest when I can apply what I have learned to enhance the lives of my family and friends. I am currently focused on using voice to unlock the convenience, safety and efficiency benefits of smart homes.

In 2006, I completed an undergraduate internship with IBM and American Express. IBM provided American Express with strategic and managed technology services. My team was responsible for managing business-critical technology failures. We leveraged IT Service Management (ITSM) best practices to minimise business disruption, understand the root cause and implement changes. As our teams Incident Coordinator, I was responsible for coordinating the activities of business and technical teams across two large companies. This experience taught me the value establishing and maintaining genuine partnerships.

In 2007, I received an honours degree from Nottingham Business School and joined Cerner. Cerner is a leading provider of technology products and services in the health care industry. I chose Cerner because my mother was a nurse and I understood the challenges and rewards of being a clinician. I wanted to make a difference. I spent the next 12 years doing just that.

By 2011, I had become a Senior Solution Architect.